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Specializes in technological and IT-related services such as product design, blockchain technology, software development, mobile application and IT management.
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TVM Digital is a leading digital innovation company with over 100 employees globally, developing digital software, tools & resources, with digital technology support services for Corporations, Companies, Small & Medium Enterprises & Businesses (SMEs & SMBs), Startups and Non-For-Profit Organizations (NFPs), that will shape their industry or organization landscape through digital transformation in collaboration with business leaders and communities globally in the future.

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Digital Solutions

Francis Wong OAM

Founder – TVM Digital

Thomas VO



TVM Digital Strategic Business Management

Laurence STRANO

Founder – TVM Digital

Azalia Canuto-Ah Mat

Head of Marketing

Cynthia DEARIN

Strategy Consultant

Robert Balzola

Legal Advisor (Solicitor)

Jean-Michel FLOC'H

Investment Advisor

Marco Zammarrelli

Business Development Executive
TVM Digital Tech Savvy & Vietnam Team

Son Thanh DO

Founder - TVM Digital Vietnam

David Nguyen

Head of Innovation, AI and Robotics

Tien Minh NGUYEN

Head of TVM Digital Vietnam


Senior Researcher - Digital Innovation (In Vietnam)

Anh Tuan PHAM. PhD

Snr Researcher - Emerging Technologies (in Vietnam)


Digital Solutions Delivery Manager (in Vietnam)

We help companies to​scale internationally.

We have deep experience in international markets across a range of sectors. Our consultants have worked in markets including the US, EU, Japan and Australia.
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