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An iBurran case study


The iburran blockchain platform can solve these challenges, property investment, liquidations and increase the investment involvement factor by introducing the new standards in security and efficiency.

iburran is an early-stage fintech startup that develops and operates a Trading Real Estate Property platform in the fiat, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain industry.

The iburran platform allows users to exchange and trade Real Estate property with fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies and aims ultimately to connect beginners with experienced traders through the use of social trading features, that will stimulate engagement by enabling unique content creation and a knowledge-sharing community.


Our solution

The communication between human of different kinds sometimes cause troubles and inaccurate results.
Investors money are locked up by a smart contract, meaning that the sale creator is technically incapable of stealing investors’ money.
The potential market for reinvest and no delay settlement.
Investors can reinvest their funds into another sale or simply cancel their investment in real-time.
The market demands high performance products using low capital.
The limit of Investor can Invest maximum is 5% of House Property. Example Property A with market value is $1,000,000.00, you Investing is 5% equal $50,000.00


To successfully bridge this gap and help facilitate the technological paradigm shift currently underway in an inclusive way, we have built a user-friendly portal through which people can easily and more safely participate in the new digital innovation.
Growth & Innovation Solution
First, we focus on research and conceptualization. A detailed roadmap provides deep insight into what the end state looks like and enables long-term iterative planning. Concept validation and continuous feedback keep everything on target.
Blockchain Architecture
With a solid strategy foundation, we define, design and architect. We analyse findings and identify solutions around product engineering, operating models and technology that will meet the desired experience.
Build and Test
We build a solution that meets your needs exactly — beautiful in both form and function and optimized for long-term use. Big data and advanced analytics will determine the success of your product and inform future updates.


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